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Local Government on Display at Singleton Shire

Local Government is an important part of the Dial Before You Dig service in NSW and the ACT. 

Local Councils support Dial Before You Dig by making sure that Council staff and contractors dial before they dig.

As consent authorities, Councils also encourage builders to dial before they dig.

And many Councils are members of Dial Before You Dig NSW/ACT in order to protect their vital underground infrastructure.

Singleton Shire Council is one of 17 regional NSW Councils currently participating in the Dial Before You Dig service.

In common with many regional Councils, Singleton Shire provides water, sewerage and drainage services to its ratepayers.

There are 6707 properties connected to the Singleton Council water supply. Council maintains 272 kilometres of water mains supplying a demand for 2,500 megalitres of water a year.

Singleton also promotes the Dial Before You Dig service on its website.

Last week Singleton Shire ran a display for Local Government Week.

The display showed aspects of Council services and activities with balloon giveaways, information handouts, visual displays and activities.

Dial Before You Dig provided pens, stickers and other promotional items.

The items were so popular that the pens and rulers ran out - twice!

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Above: (left) Rebecca Gilmore from Singleton Shire Council and (right) NSW/ACT Board member and Jemena representative Trent Wray at the Local Government Week display in Singleton

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