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High Pressure Gas Pipelines. Planning, Safety & Awareness

APA has created a video and toolbox talk template for work near gas pipelines.

Third party contractor work is one of the most common causes of pipeline damage. APA wants to work with you to prevent it.

All networks have a backbone of transmission or trunk mains and cables. Transmission gas pipelines transport large volumes of gas under high pressure.

Damage to transmission networks is much riskier than damage to distribution or local networks. Transmission networks:

  • Are much more expensive to repair. Often tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Are much more technically difficult to repair. So the people with the right skills might not be available straight away and the repair can be delayed.
  • Supply many more customers. So the number of people who lose vital services can be much higher, and
  • Most importantly, are much more dangerous. Transmission gas pipelines can operate at pressures 40 to 50 times that of your car tyre.

There are special rules for working near transmission networks. Network owners often require you to have onsite assistance from a patrol foreman or technical specialist. These people can be booked out well in advance. So it's always worth lodging your inquiry at well in advance so your work isn't held up.

To assist you in planning your works:

  • APA can provide you with pipeline awareness information and materials.  If you would like us to conduct a pipeline awareness presentation for your staff, please contact APA on 1800 103 452 (Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm AEST) or
  • All gas pipelines under APA control are registered with Dial Before You Dig.  If you are planning any activities listed above or that break the ground surface, please lodge an enquiry at or by phoning 1100 (Freecall).
  • You may wish to access this video link and present this to your staff during safety discussions.

And click here to see the toolbox talk template.


Don't Know - Don't Dig.

In March 2017 a partnership of energy networks, regulators and excavation contractors launched an electricity safety video. The message is simple - Don't Know, Don't Dig.

Yet too often damage occurs where no Dial Before You Dig inquiry has been lodged.

Damaging electrical networks is costly and can deprive thousands of energy. But the most important reason to take care is the risk to you and your workmates.

Hit this link to view the full video (133 MB). Right click and choose "Save As" to save the video to your computer.

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