Training Resources
& Information

We offer  four types of live training and information resources. 

1. Awareness Presentations - learn more about how the service works, limitations, member plans..
2. Seminars – forums with our members and partners for local building and civil trades.
3. Guest speakers – A staff will attend a conference or safety day and speak on a particular aspect of the DBYD service
4. Plan reading - session on how to read and understand the basics of underground and above ground asset utilities plans. 

Awareness Presentations

Topics of discussion: 
  • What is Dial Before You Dig
  • How Dial Before You Dig works
  • Usage of DBYD on iphone and Internet
  • Limitations of plans from DBYD members
  • How to avoid damage to underground pipes and cables Network’s protection process
  • Emergency numbers and procedures
  • Your legal obligations when working near underground network.
  • What type of pipes and cables are buried underground.
  • How you can protect your business.
  • NSW gas and electricity new laws

The DBYD collateral and presentation (45mins) is free. 


The Network awareness presentation is (1:15mins) and has a cost to it.


Oatlands guest list


Dial Before You Dig provides:
  1. Signage (the branding rights for the whole night)
  2. Speakers to SME from member organisation and Industry bodies
  3. Dial Before You Dig branded collateral on the night
  4. Dial Before You Dig will cover the cost per person that have registered
  5. Dial Before You Dig will give certificates were required (CPD points)  
Organisers undertakes and provides:
  1. Invite the relevant trades and companies
  2. Provide or hire a hall or venue
  3. Food/snacks for the attendees
  4. Organise parking
  5. Provides tables and chairs

 The Seminars usually take about 3 hours.

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