Host a Dial Before You Dig Forum

Don’t see any forums near you? Would you like to host a forum? Dial Before You Dig offers the opportunity for approved associations and community groups to host a Dial Before You Dig forum.

How is it organised and what happens ?

Dial Before You dig contributes these things to the seminars:

  1. Advertising and Signage (the branding rights for the whole night)
  2. Key speakers from utilities and industry
  3. All collateral on the night
  4. Seminars are held around 5:00pm mid-week and run for about 3 hours.
  5. CPD points for licensed builders
  6. Provides staff at the door to supervise the sign on attendance sheets
  7. Issues the attendees with a certificate of attendance.

The Organiser or the host:

  1. Invites tradespeople, professionals or others associated with the building or civil construction industries to attend
  2. Provides the venue
  3. Provides snacks/soft drinks for the attendees
  4. Provides parking
  5. Provides and sets up tables and chairs.
Dial Before You Dig pays the host association or group per head according to an agreed formula.

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Host a Dial Before you Dig Forum

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