Dial Before You Dig Presentations

NSW Councils using Next Gen DBYD Sept 21 (134 MB)




Dial Before You dig offers network awareness presentations for the building and civil construction industries.

Who should come? 

Anyone associated with building, construction and civil works. This includes:

  • Project managers / officers
  • Team leaders /supervisors
  • Engineers / designers
  • Surveyors
  • Field staff
  • Office design staff
  • Contractors
  • Machinery operators.
In short, anyone associated with work near buried pipe and cable networks. To request a presentation, please fill in the request form under training.

Topics of discussion

  • How to avoid damage to underground pipes and cables and recent examples of damages.
  • Asset Relocation process
  • Plant location process
  • Type of paper work required for site
  • The 4P process
  • Underground protection process
  • Emergency numbers and procedures
  • Your legal obligations when working near underground network
  • What type of pipes and cables are buried underground
  • How to identify pipes and cables
  • How you can protect your business
  • NSW gas and electricity new laws


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